Learn to connect with your inner strength.

This coaching offers you new perspectives to overcome obstacles and create a fulfilling life in harmony with your inner compass—for yourself, in your relationships, and in your career.

More of what truly matters

Clarity for your goals

Advancing with focus and determination.

Effective decisions

More space for powerful action.

Unleashing resources and strengths

Unfolding your potential.

Sustainable change for more joy

New perspectives on familiar themes.

Resolving blockages and patterns

Transforming emotions and thoughts.

Confidence and assurance

Sustainably achieving your goals.

What Clients Say

Copywriter / Content Writer

Through coaching with Benedikt, I embarked on a wonderful journey. I was able to understand how much the conscious and subconscious are interconnected and shape my current actions. Since then, I have felt more powerful, calmer, and have a great trust in myself. Thanks to his personal and approachable manner, I felt superbly supported from the very beginning and highly recommend Benedikt's coaching sessions.

Violeta M.

Benedikt coaches in a very special way: heart-opening, loving, authentic, and with a lot of calmness. He creates a space where one feels valued and accepted. After each coaching session with Benedikt, I felt more connected to my heart and had the feeling of experiencing love more strongly within me, for myself and for others. Thank you for this gift, Benedikt!

Žemyna B.

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks for the coaching with Benedikt. It was a marvellous experience that exceeded my expectations. Thanks to Benedikt's ability to ask pointed questions, I was able to rediscover myself and become aware of the inner gifts that we all possess. I was particularly impressed by the connection to nature that Benedikt conveys, which I consider to be very important.

Benedikt creates a safe environment where I felt free to express myself authentically, and his intuition for what I needed in the moment was remarkable. The powerful visualisation exercise we developed together has been a strong support to me to this day.

For anyone interested in these topics or wishing to discover them within themselves, I wholeheartedly recommend Benedikt. You will not only enjoy the process but also gain valuable insights for your daily life.

Would you like to learn more? Watch the full testimonial in the video here.

About Benedikt Schmidt

I'm a psychologist and coach who specialises in helping people find the clarity, motivation, and inspiration they need to create a life they love. My coaching helps you to overcome blockages in a holistic way and to stand up for the life you know or don't yet know is possible, whether for yourself, in your relationships, or in your career.

With Follow The River, I share the 13+ years of experience of my own personal development, as well as the knowledge that stems from working with clients, psychological training and, my research work as a positive psychologist for the European leader of positive psychology, Professor Ilona Boniwell.

More Testimonials

I would recommend online consultations with Benedikt based on his skills to warm up the conversation while letting you feel understood and accepted. His expertise in embodiment psychology allowed me to find the missing associations and provide explanations along with answers to questions I struggle with in life.

Dr Valery O. Radiologist

Benedikt is an authentic coach with a lot of sensitivity and understanding. He is always positive and gives you a motivating feeling. Benedikt understood my problem immediately and the coaching session with him has already enriched me a lot. Already the next day, I was able to implement things in my everyday life and I notice how I gain quality of life day by day.

Sabine Teacher

Benedikt provided me with great empathy during a difficult time, helping me to tap into my inner resources and insights. His proactive communication style, both offline and online, opened up a new, restorative path for me. Thank you!

Robert S. Media Professional

Each Session is a Lasting Investment in your Desired Future.


Focused Preparation

With your booking, you receive optional questions that help you start our sessions with a clear vision.


Focus on Your Future

Solution-oriented questions and hypnosystemic techniques enable rapid and lasting changes.


Lasting Impulses for Your Everyday Life

My coaching protocol captures the most important insights for you. For the effective implementation of your goals.

For your future visions

Let's cooperate.

Flexible Availability

Evening sessions and a streamlined booking process give you all the flexibilty.

Online Sessions

Attend the sessions from anywhere in the world or from the comfort of your home.

Easy Cancellations

If you can't make it to the appointment, simply cancel the session up to 24 hours before and receive a full refund.


How many sessions are required?

My focused approach towards your desired future, along with the methods I employ, are designed to enable rapid progress. Many clients experience significant changes after just a single session. Others choose to return approximately every four weeks, appreciating the ongoing dialogue and reflection, which they find valuable for their personal and professional development.

What happens after the booking?

All the necessary arrangements are integrated into the booking process. Once you have made your booking, you can synchronise your selected appointment with your calendar, including iCal, Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, and Yahoo! Calendar.

Upon confirmation of your appointment, you will receive the Google Meet link for your session. If you prefer to use Skype, Jitsi Meet, or speak on the phone, kindly inform me beforehand so that we can arrange to meet using your preferred tool.

I want to make the process as convenient for you as possible, so you can sit back and focus entirely on your session and your topic. In case you wish to manage your booking, you can do so easily via your login area. If you have any queries before the coaching session, feel free to drop me a message.

How does the coaching session work?

The session itself is individually tailored to your concerns, so that we can simply work on your desired goal state in a solution-focused and coherent way.

For which topics is online coaching suitable?

The beauty of online coaching is that it can be utilised for the same issues you would address in face-to-face coaching. This includes overcoming blockages and stress, dealing with anxiety and self-doubt, and primarily strengthening your access to inherent wisdom and power — all matters typically explored in conventional coaching sessions.

It is important to note, however, that this individual coaching is not a form of psychotherapy and cannot replace it.

What are the cancellation conditions?

If you change your mind, you can easily cancel your coaching package within the first 14 days of purchase, or until the coaching session is taken up (if it is taken up before the 14 days have expired), without giving any reason, by exercising your right of withdrawal.

The coaching sessions themselves can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of the session. Within 24 hours of the appointment, the coaching session will be charged in full.

How secure is my data with Follow The River?

At Follow The River, I place the highest importance on protecting your personal data. I employ state-of-the-art SSL encryption technology, operate my servers exclusively in German data centres, and strictly adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to ensure maximum security for you.

For payments, I only work with secure payment providers such as PayPal, Stripe, SEPA, and direct transfer. Additionally, the 14-day right of withdrawal provides you with the opportunity to reconsider your decision.

Can I book an appointment without prior contact?

Yes, you can directly reserve your preferred slot in my calendar.

In which languages is the online coaching available?

The coaching is currently available in German and English.

More testimonials



Setting a goal at the start of each session, about what would a good outcome look like, helped us to find clear direction and focus. I found this useful as it gave me the chance to go deeper and get closer to the core of my thoughts and feelings.

Alex H.


I am really impressed with how professional, passionate about the coaching, and flexible Benedikt is in finding the right approach. Combined with his easy-going manner of communication, I was able to feel comfortable during our first session, even though I was in a really confused state of mind. You can't go wrong with getting in touch with Benedikt. 10/10

Kai Bernstein

Photografer & Retoucher

Meeting Benedikt was an important catalyst for the milestone I carried with his help to a new height. I am very thankful to have an empathetic human that I can talk with about everything. He adapts to the vibe of a person without losing his backbone and easily flows with your vibration. He has a great objective view onto things and gives smart advice. His approach to solving mental blockades through body movement and cognitive behaviour therapy is using modern knowledge to our benefit.

Hamza O.

IT Professional

With God's help, Benedikt's dedication, efforts, positivity, and a strong genuine love to help others, I was invigorated and taken out of the shadows of fear and walked back to the lights of integration. This is an on-going journey, and I am thoroughly grateful to have Benedikt as a companion and guide.

To start is to be halfway there.

My approach is designed to save you time and effort by supporting you identify the core of what is holding you back.

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