Psychological Support for Blockages, Reorientation, and Self-Realisation.

Psychological Support for Blockages, Reorientation, and Self-Realisation

Your Personal Development Journey to Clarity, Effectiveness, and Serenity.

Welcome. My name is Benedikt Schmidt. As a psychologist and coach, I focus on effecting tangible changes with my clients. Using a solution-focused and hypnosystemic approach, I guide them in gaining clarity about their goals and realising their personal and professional visions.

With an unerring eye for and on the resources of his counterpart, Benedikt manages to accompany and explore even difficult topics with great ease—and does so with a lot of empathy.

Dr Vera Popper

Experience Positive Change.

Through an understanding of their thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations, my clients and I collaboratively develop strategies that not only lead to noticeable changes but also enhance their joy of living—in areas of their personal development, relationships, or professional careers.

My expertise stems from extensive work with clients, ongoing psychological training, and my research activities. I have contributed to anhedonia research and worked as a Positive Psychologist for Prof. Ilona Boniwell, a leading authority in Positive Psychology.

My Coaching Approach

At Follow the River, I use the hypnosystemic approach, a powerful combination of hypnotherapy and systemic therapy. It draws on the expertise of renowned therapists such as Dr Milton Erickson, Dr Gunther Schmidt, and Dr Vera Popper.

In that tradition, and unlike hypnosis approaches that rely on formal trance induction techniques or hypnotic monologues, my sessions prioritise a collaborative and competence-focused dialogue. This approach empowers clients to access their own inner resources, develop new perspectives, and quickly make positive changes in their lives.

  • Solution-focused
  • Resource-activating
  • Collaborative
  • Utilising Body Feedback
  • Holistic

What Clients Say

Mathias S.

Entrepreneur, Vienna

Powerful transformation

I recently had a coaching session with Benedikt, and it was truly transformational. He has a gift for helping people gain clarity and insight into their lives, and he creates a safe and supportive space for exploration and growth. His calm and open-hearted nature makes it easy to feel at ease and truly explore yourself.

Kate B.

Musician, Los Angeles

Transformed my negative attitudes

With Benedikt, I ended up learning information about myself that I never would have guessed was there. I was able to separate what my culture was pressuring me to do from what was actually my own highest self, and how it was actually not the self that I was nurturing most at the time. I would highly recommend his hypnotherapy exercises, as those are clearly his big gift in helping others. Last but not least, Benedikt is remarkably present and unrushed in sessions.

Baptiste Barennes

Naturopath, Versailles

That was liberating
Benedikt enables you to go deep inside yourself to find the answers there. For this, he relies mainly on the sensation of the body. I had two inner directions on a topic and was able to understand what each side wanted for me. And that was liberating; that is something I can use all my life. Moreover, he is genuinely motivated by a desire to help individuals evolve into the best versions of themselves.

Each Session is a Lasting Investment in your Desired Future.


Focused Preparation

With your booking, you receive optional questions that help you go into our sessions with a clear vision.


Focus on Your Future

Solution-oriented questions and hypnosystemic techniques enable rapid and lasting changes.


Lasting Impulses for Your Everyday Life

My coaching protocol captures the most important insights for you. For the effective implementation of your goals.

For your future visions

Let's cooperate.

Co-created Changes

I was facing an acute crisis, a significant change that I couldn't foresee, and it completely knocked the ground from beneath my feet. Through the sessions with Benedikt, I was able to see the situation from a new perspective. The way I was guided step by step by Benedikt through these very difficult situations enabled me to experience and utilise the pain. I can only recommend working with Benedikt; it's an absolute enrichment. I also value the flexibility that the sessions offer, as it provides me with additional opportunities.

Anett Make-up Artist

On my journey towards self-employment, I was accompanied by doubts. Am I convincing enough? Can I handle the risk? Can I muster the necessary energy? There seemed to be many obstacles in my path. I knew I had internalised many beliefs that were blocking me and sapping my energy, but I couldn't overcome these blockages on my own. Working with Benedikt helped me to better understand such doubts, to deal with them effectively and ultimately to manifest new, realistic beliefs for myself. Many thanks for your always motivating manner and your empathy. This has greatly helped me to bring about positive changes and integrate them into my everyday life.

Ronnie Communications Consultant

Benedikt is absolutely amazing as a person and as a specialist. His profile impressed me from the first sentences and I started thinking that this is the person that can help me out. And actually he does. Benedikt helped me see myself from another perspective, he empowered me and brought light to the situation I was baffled about. He also guided me to see the way out of the situation I was in and to decide on the next steps to be taken. I recommend Benedikt from the bottom of my heart. If you don’t try, you will never know. So maybe it’s worth taking this chance?!

Marta Quality Assurance Specialist

September 2024 | Labenne, South of France

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Break free from the hustle and join us for a deep dive to learn the skills, strengths, and serenity in order to overcome the urge to perform. Tap into your inner power and switch to the calm and productive flow within you.

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