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Lisa is a talented musician currently living in the US. She secured a prestigious graduate programme at one of the best colleges for music in the world, and even received a large scholarship that would cover most of the funding. Despite this, she let the opportunity pass her by over the summer.

For this article, Lisa kindly agreed to let me share her story of transformation and how she overcame her procrastination. Her hope is that her experience will inspire others to overcome their own mental barriers and achieve their goals.

During our meeting, Lisa shared her feelings of self-blame, regret, and obstacles. She couldn't comprehend what was stopping her from accepting the application, and was skeptical whether the hypnosystemic approach could help her.

Lisa's Eastern European roots made her feel guilty about spending money, and her financial concerns were another reason for her hesitation. Her upbringing emphasized safety and avoiding standing out, making her feel conflicted about taking this opportunity. She missed the deadlines and sat on the decision for a long time.

When we began our conversation, Lisa expressed a desire to follow her heart, but she was afraid of seeing things die around her. It's a common feeling to have ambivalence about one's choices in life. As humans, we have multiple sides that pull us in different directions, each with its unique needs and their unique story. Some of them may be longings, others may have derived from overwhelming experiences in our lives, and yet others can be values or beliefs.

These needs and longings are not just abstract concepts that exist only in our minds, but they are actually stored in our bodies as physical sensations. In other words, our bodies remember our experiences and hold onto the emotions associated with them, even if we are not consciously aware of it. That's is why we often reach a limit when we try to solve it with our conscious mind alone. Hypnosystemic interventions recognise this connection between the mind and the body. Hypnosystemic coaching is a type of coaching that combines hypnosis and systemic therapy techniques to help individuals overcome mental barriers and achieve their goals.

One such a hypnosystemic exploration is to externalise the inner feelings into the physical space around us. When I invited Lisa to do that, we discovered that she had two sides within her - a more feminine and nuanced 20-year-old version of herself that valued beauty as the highest pursuit in life and a more masculine, go-getter, and independent energy of her 16-year-old self that was critical of her. These two sides had been fighting for Lisa's attention, with the older side wanting to help her become the most exquisite artist she could be and the younger side wanting to keep her safe and protected from being hurt.

After some negotiation between the different parts of her, Lisa learned to integrate her younger side into a loving limit-sensing force that kept her safe while allowing her artistic side to flourish. With a newfound functional relationship between her different sides, Lisa was able to see her situation in a more positive light and create a concrete path for the future. I actually had difficulty writing down all the solutions that were streaming out of her.

After the 90 minutes had ended, Lisa still could not believe that there were so many amazing solutions within herself. She said that she did not expect such an powerful outcome and that it felt transformational.

Following the session, Lisa decided to enroll in the graduate program she had previously let pass by. She became more proactive, directing her energy into her music practice instead of anger. Our hypnosystemic coaching session helped her gain a better understanding of herself and her motivations, allowing her to overcome the barriers that held her back.

If you're facing similar challenges and feel like you're not reaching your full potential, hypnosystemic coaching could be the solution you need. With my help, you can gain a better understanding of yourself and your motivations, learn to overcome your fears and doubts, and achieve your full potential. Don't let fears and doubts hold you back from living the life you want. Take the first step towards your transformation today and book a hypnosystemic coaching session with me.

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