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Learn The Skills, Strategies & Tools
You Need To Overcome Inner Conflict

Master the skills it takes to solve your inner conflicts and to grow a life that is aligned with your strenghts, values, and lifestyle - whether for yourself, in your relationships or in your career.

Inner conflict sucks!

Does any of that sound like you?

  • You want to leave the 9-5 but you are afraid to make the move.
  • You want to end or start a relationship, but you are worried of making a mistake.
  • You want to start your own company but you keep procrastinating.
  • You want to start graduate school, but you are afraid of putting your money on the wrong horse.
  • You want to focus on your career but are worried that it harms your relationships, happiness or health.

If so, you might be in a bit of a pickle.

And you might be looking a bit like this:

Well, it's kind of the me of a few years ago! You know... minus the long hair and well... you know.

Anyways... back to the course.

You feel like you are wasting time and missing out on opportunities and life's pleasures.

You have every right to think that inner conflict sucks.

But it doesn't have to.

Inner conflict is not bad!

It is only bad as long as you don't know what it is trying to tell you and how to listen to it.

You don't need to read the 20th self-help book or make another pro-contra list.

All you need is to bring the different parts of your inner world together, to be compassionate with yourself and to learn how you can get the different parts of you to cooperate under your guidance.

Because the simple truth is: only a coherent mind can overcome inner conflict and make coherent decisions.

May i Present to you

The Inner Conflict Crusher

Or... How to Crush Your Inner Conflicts for Good

The Unconventional Way to Tasty Decisions

  • Even if you are short on time and work a full time job, or are a full time student.
  • Even if you struggle to finish things with consistency and regularity.
  • Even if you feel lost and don't know where to start.
  • Even if you are overwhelmed and frustrated with no idea as to how to progress.
  • Even if (or especially if) you want to grow as a person, stand up for the life you want, and do what you love with confidence and inner calm.

For the first time ever, I’m teaching the approach that I’ve practised and refined for years, working with amazing people from all walks of life.

This is the exact approach I use to help people make decisions on the courses of their relationships, their careers, and their longings in life, transforming the guesswork into real-world solutions that are aligned with their strengths, values, and lifestyle.

Here is another simple truth:
You don't always need years of therapy to unstuck yourself.

I’ve created a masterclass that teaches you exactly how to create a connection to your inner world and to overcome your inner conflicts and blockages.

The Inner Conflict Crusher is an online masterclass consisting of videos, audioguides, and worksheets that you can go through at your own pace.

As is so often the case, we have not learned all the good ways we can be with ourselves. But what if you can relearn to nourish your inner world and make the conflicting parts of you cooperate the way you would like them to?

It can be scary to follow this inner feeling for change. I want you to know that this fear is not only welcome here but that will receive the attention, acknowledgement and care it needs to let us go on.

I deeply believe that inner work should be fun. It can be difficult enough on its own - may as well bring some lightness into it, shall we? Spoiler: it can also be outright hilarious at times. Plus, a positive outlook and mood can actually make it easier to go inward. But I'm getting off topic here. Bottom line: That's why I created this course in such a way that you can come exactly as you are. I do the same.

See, you can enjoy this course just like a good breakfast, giving you the perfect start for a whole new adventure. It's your opportunity to make it a good one.

Here is what you will get with Inner Conflict Crusher

(Crunchy Bits for Your Inner Zen)

Whether you are turning a part-time gig into a full-time business, taking a step in your relationship, or just starting out on your career, Inner Conflict Crushers has got you covered. When you complete this bite-sized inner zen blitz of a course, you’re going to have:


Peace of mind that you’re getting the right things done, in the right order.


Uplevel your ability to look within, take care of yourself, and follow your purpose with certainty.


A distraction-free environment to meet yourself and resolve inner conflict.

Is This Course for Me?


do you Feel Blocked?
  • You are not moving forward. You know what you want but your body just goes into freeze mode.
  • There's a good chance that parts of your younger self are fighting to keep you safe, while needing you more than you think. They will calm down once you pay attention to their message.
do you Feel torn?
  • You're stuck in the middle and don't want to make a mistake. Maybe you're not sure what you want.
  • Understanding what the sides that are pulling you want and require allows you to make an informed decision.
do you avoid decisions?
  • Ok, for how long have you been sitting on that decision?
  • Learning to delve inwardly and explore what you really desire might just turn months of ruminating into an exhilarating chapter of your life.

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." - Carl G. Jung

Your decisions are where the rubber meets the road.

It’s where everything comes together at that final, crucial moment when you either stand up for the life you know you want...

... or let it slip.

This is it! The MOMENT.

You either take the step to get that sparkly chapter going or let it slip for good. Looking back, did you do everything in your power to stand up for yourself or did you resort to procrastination and passivity? 

What Makes the Inner Conflict Crusher Different?

1) Use the Power of Your Subconscious

This course uses trance to help you change the way you think and make decisions about your life. You can think of a trance as a focused conversation with your subconscious via spontaneously arising images. The course is structured in a way that doesn’t simply aim to add more information on top of what you already know. Instead, it aims to give you the self-exploration tools as well as the lenses through which you view the world in a way that the highest-skilled experts in the field do.

2) Pragmatic and Solution Focused

It’s nice to learn new things, but just learning won’t get you inner zen or better decisions. That’s why this course is all about application. That’s why I provide loads of coaching guidance and then give you practical recipes for implementing what you learn. The value of this course comes from what you’ll do differently and discover within yourself, not just from watching a bunch of video lectures.

3) Growth and Leverage

By now you know, that you don't need endless pro-contra lists, or even necessarily years of therapy. You don't have to spend hours again and again trying to make rational decision or telling yourself what might be wrong with you. What if you could combine the sharpness of your mind and the wisdom of your body to become the most balanced and coherent version of yourself? That's what this course is about.

Institutions that work with these exact approaches:

I Take Pride in Making Highly Valuable Courses.
Here's What Previous Students Say:

Mathias S.



Powerful transformation

Benedikt creates a safe and accepting space where you can let your guard down and delve within yourself to uncover what may be holding you back. His calm and open-hearted nature makes it easy to feel at ease and truly explore yourself.

Baptiste Barennes



That was liberating

Benedikt enables you to go deep inside yourself to find the answers there. For this he relies mainly on the sensation of the body. I had two inner directions on a topic and was able to understand what each side wanted for me.

Kate Bolonnikova


Los Angeles

Transformed my negative attitudes

With Benedikt I ended up learning information about myself that I never would have guessed was there. I was able to separate what my culture was pressuring me to do, and what was actually my own highest self, and how it was actually not the self that I was nurturing most at the time.

What Inner Conflict Crusher is NOT:

Just as important as what this course is, is what it’s NOT.

I'm not going to waste your time with another six-week programme that requires you to quit your job just to finish, or spend your precious evenings and weekends in order to get it done.

I'm committed to bringing you the most actionable, no-fluff guide to overcoming inner conflicts and blockages. And just so we’re clear…

Here’s what Inner Conflict Crusher is NOT:

Inner Conflict Crusher is not a fluffed up 6 week programme

Inner Conflict Crusher requires a relatively small time commitment. I haven’t packed this course with a bunch of filler content and unnecessary psychology mumbo-jumbo. Instead, ICC will give you everything you need to make peace in your subconscious in an easy-to-digest format that won’t take you more than an afternoon or two to complete.

Inner Conflict Crusher is not a 2 year therapy

I'm not going to take you through your entire psyche or life history. Inner Conflict Crusher is is only designed to do one thing, and one thing really well: help you access your subconscious and make peace between the pulling sides within you so that you turn into the most balanced, kick-ass zen version of yourself. ICC is the highly distilled experience and knowledge from my years of helping clients transform their inner conflicts all in one, easy-to-digest course.

So... What is on the Menu?

(Finish It In A Single Afternoon Or Weekend)

For Starters:

The Key-Knowledge for Your Inner Transformation

3 Videos

1 Worksheet

3 Audio files

We will start with a bang. In this composition of psychological key need-to-knows you learn exactly why inner conflict happens, why your mind-body system is an essential alley for the crush and how you can guarantee permanent change. Even if you only do this one module, you will learn how you can coherently and effectively crush your inner conflict. You will get plenty of ressources and studies so you can continue your research from here.

  1. 1
    Welcome to the Inner Conflict Crusher (10 min)
  2. 2
    Networks of experiences (10 min)
  3. 3
    Why blockages are so loud (10 min)

As Main:
The Trances to Access your Inner World

5 Videos

2 Worksheet

5 Audio files

This module takes you right into the action. You will join me for a trance to those parts of your brain, that can create solutions unaccessible to your rational brain. No need to worry, you are fully awake and in full control at all times. Tried and tested by experts like Dr. Gunther Schmidt, Dr. Vera Popper, and Mag. Christine Hoffmann, this curated powerhouse of psychological wisdom is like a delicious recipe that has been handed down for generations, getting better at each step.

  1. 1
    A new perspective on your problem (5 min)
  2. 2
    Turn your blockages into alleys (60 min)
  3. 3
    Rewire your brain with Problem-Solution-Gymnastics (20 min)
  4. 4
    What if? (20 min)
  5. 5
    Saving that sensation of inner balance for later use (10 min)

For Dessert:

The Transfer to Bring your Insights Into your Life

3 Videos

2 Worksheet

3 Audio files

The carefully selected reflexion questions and integration exercises in this module help you make the most out of this masterclass. What is even better, you can use them way beyond this course to gain clarity whenever you need it.

  1. 1
    Integrating your experience (10 min)
  2. 2
    Making the most out of your new insights (10 min)
  3. 3
    Going forth (10 min)

The Cherries on Top

Rock-solid bonuses to take you
 to the next Zen level.
Bonus #1
Audio Guides

You asked for it, and you shall have it! Downloadable audio guides you can take with you wherever you go. The perfect excuse to go visit the forest, a park, or your own garden chair.

Bonus #2

Voilà a hand-selected compilation of the best ressources I have come across in the field to make sure you can dive even deeper.

Bonus #3

Do you think you are alone with your situation? Think again and join the Inner Conflict Crushers on Facebook for tips, exchange, and meetups.

Your Chef today:

Benedikt Schmidt

As a psychologist and coach, I support people like you to overcome blockages in a coherent and holistic way and to stand up for the life your heart knows is possible.

Here I share the 10+ years of experience of my own journey to greater aliveness, as well as the highlights of working with clients, psychological training and my research work as a positive psychologist for the European leader of positive psychology, Dr Ilona Boniwell.

As seen on:

Don't rely on my word only. Hear what others say about my work.

Žemyna B.



The art of asking the right questions

Benedikt understands very well the art of asking the right questions in the right places and seeing and feeling again all the gifts we all have within us.

Pius S.

Media Professional


Benedikt raised my awareness of inner forces and possibilities

... of insight in a mentally challenging situation with great empathy and thus gave me support. His proactive approach in both personal and digital contact has put me on a new, healing path.

Dr. Vera Popper

Psychologist &

Organisational Consultant


New opportunities for known topics

With an unerring eye for and on the resources of his counterpart, Benedikt manages to accompany and explore even difficult topics with great ease - and does so with a big heart for the good reasons of the (still) unloved sides of his coachees.

Kickstart Your Zen Mode Now: Join the Masterclass Today

If you want to stand up for the life you are longing for and make the decisions it takes, now is the time to invest in some down-to-earth skills that get you going.


Simple, fast and effective



  • Lifetime access
  • Video, audio & transcripts
  • All course updates included
  • Immediate start



Simple, fast and effective


  • Lifetime acces
  • Video, audio & transcripts
  • All course updates included
  • Immediate start
  • 90 minute private coaching call

If overcoming your inner conflict would make a difference to your life, now is the time to sign up. Don't miss your chance to step up for the life that your heart knows is possible.

You are protected by the 100% satisfaction guarantea.

If, for any reason, you don't like this one-of-a-kind course, you can get a full refund anytime within 14 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with me, and I'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.


Sign up once and use it as often as you like. All course updates included.




Shouldn't I get an one on one coaching session instead?

There is no doubt that direct face-to-face support is here to stay. While this course covers exactly the same approach I use when working with clients, it is meant as an alternative with a lower price tag and the possibility to use it over and over again in your own tempo and whenever you need it.

Shouldn't I try it on my own?

You have probably come a long way on this paths by yourself already. This course is intended to skip the guesswork regarding the next steps and accelerate your journey back to yourself. And let's be honest, had all the inner conflicts been solved to your hearts content you might not be reading this. It's ok to get support. We are social creatures after all and benefit from social interactions to go into these processes.

Shouldn't I just use YouTube?

On YouTube and similar platforms, you can find many great as well as many unreflected and outright questionable ressources. This course is based on psychological research and designed to give you a focused support for your inner conflict, ambivalences and blockages.

How long does it take to complete the course?

The current course contains 180 minutes of video footage and gives you the condensed experience of more than ten years on this inner journey. Instead of dusty facts you will find a direct encounter with your situation, that you can use whenever you have an inner conflict or a decision to take care of.

I have more questions. Whom can I contact?

Send me an email:

I'm just so grateful that I came across ideas and teachers who led me down the path I've taken as a psychologist. I've been lucky enough to do things very differently and be rewarded for it.

Not only have I avoided a lot of the stress and frustration I see among people who never learned these skills, I've also had the priviledge of communicating directly and authentically with my clients and delivering useful products and information to them.

This course is no exception. I'm looking forward to doing my very best to guide you through crushing your first inner conflict. How wonderful would it be if you too could experience this positive and rewarding side of psychology.

This course is not therapy and not intended to replace therapy or medical treatment. It is not aimed to treat mental disorders like depression, anxiety, or stress disorders. It is inteded to raise your wellbeing by helping you overcome inner blockages and conflicts.

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