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Do you feel like a journey  to your vitality?

Learn how to come into your power and stand up for the life your heart knows is possible with the Follow The River method.


It can be very frustrating to feel blocked and determined by others.

It can be very frustrating to feel blocked and determined by others. You live on this beautiful earth and just can't quite get into action. Your heart has so many ideas for this world, but none of them seem 'sensible' enough to be implemented.

So the days go by and instead of jumping out of bed in the morning full of anticipation, you struggle through the day with a queasy feeling in your stomach because you do things that you don't really want to do with all your heart. How often do you want to say no and still say yes, only to feel the resentment in your stomach as a constant companion?

Isn't it a shame that so many people can't give themselves fully to life because they carry blockages with them, feel under pressure and don't know how to live into their inner truth?

What is the point of settling for a half-baked life year after year? Wouldn't it be nicer to feel a flow of bubbling life energy inside you day in and day out, because you are doing exactly what feels right for your own heart? To experience life for its own sake with its ups and downs?

The crazy thing about it:

Once we have consciously flipped this inner switch, we can soon observe its ripple effect on the different areas of our lives. The more we stand by our inner truth and give the people around us permission to do the same, the more alive we become and the more we enable ourselves to experience life in all its fullness.

The psychology of feeling alive

Learn how to bring your vitality back into your life. In six stations you will discover everything from mindfulness and balance to patterns and emotions, and explore how to get back into your power.

That's what you get with this course:

Six stations where you learn the Follow The River method for more vitality.

Concrete, easily accessible background knowledge from psychology, neuroscience and philosophical paths of insight, especially Daoism and Buddhism.

Reflection tools to help you integrate your new experiences into your everyday life.

A framework story to help you slow down a bit and absorb the more subtle aspects of this journey.

Initial exercises to help you put what you have learned into practice.

By the end of the course you will have...

Many reasons for more self-confidence
  • You get to know your body as a fascinating travelling companion.
  • You discover that you don't have to believe everything you think.
  • You recognise the good reasons for burdensome patterns and blockages.
Starting points for a self-determined Presence
  • You learn to access your inner wisdom.
  • You discover how to use emotions as a helpful compass.
  • You learn to set clear boundaries and stand up for your inner truth.
Opportunities to get to know yourself better
  • Reflect on your new experiences directly in your travel notes.
  • Add a new perspective to your understanding of yourself.
  • Collect ideas on where you would like to get to know yourself even better.

About Benedikt

As a psychologist and coach, I support people like you to overcome blocks in a coherent and holistic way and stand up for the life their heart knows is possible.

Here I share the 10+ years of experience of my own journey to greater aliveness, as well as the highlights of training and development and my research work as a positive psychologist for Dr Ilona Boniwell.

What other people say

Violeta M.



Benedikt coaches in a very special way - heart-opening, loving, authentic and with a lot of calm. He creates a space in which one feels valued and accepted. After each coaching session with Benedikt I was more connected to my heart and felt the love in me, for me and for others more strongly. Thank you so much for this gift, Benedikt!
Benedikt enables you to go deep inside yourself to find the answers there. For this he relies mainly on the sensation of the body. I had two inner directions on a topic and through the coaching I was able to understand what each side wanted for me. That was liberating; it's something I can use throughout my life. Moreover, he is filled with a desire to accompany people on the path to becoming the best version of themselves.

Baptiste Barennes



Dr. Vera Popper


Organisational Consultant Vienna

With an unerring eye for and on the resources of his counterpart, Benedikt manages to accompany and explore even difficult topics with great ease - and does so with a big heart for the good reasons of the (still) unloved sides of his coachees. He is great to be on the journey with, looking for new possibilities for familiar topics.

The six stations

These are the stations of your journey


Station 1: Balance

At the beginning of the journey you explore how to bring your body into a state of calmness. You reduce stress and create a powerful foundation to stay calm even in challenging situations.

30 minutes


Station 2: Mindfulness

Next you learn to increase your mindfulness. By getting distance from your thoughts, you expand your awareness of previously unseen opportunities to live the way you really want to.

30 minutes


Station 3: Patterns

You learn why unconscious psychological patterns have so much influence on our lives and how they rob us of energy. You will get first solutions to come back to your authentic core.

30 minutes


Station 4: Blockages

You will get an overview of the causes of inner blockages and first insights into how you can release them. This allows you to go your way more light-hearted and alive.

30 minutes


Station 5: Emotions

You learn how to act coherently and responsibly with the power of your emotions. In this way you can use them as a helpful compass instead of fighting them as annoying ballast.

30 minutes


Station 6: River

After all your hard work, you have more than earned the right to enjoy your aliveness to the fullest. This station gives you a glimpse of what that might look like.

30 minutes

That's not all

This course is designed to give you real value. That's why you get two extras on top as a little bonus!

Bonus 01

You get printable travel notes for each station, which you can use to integrate what you have learned directly into your everyday life.

Bonus 02

As you progress through the course, you will discover a bonus station that may provide a little support for your journey.

You have more questions?

Is participation 100% free of charge?

Yes, participation is 100% free!

The course is free to attend so that all people, regardless of their financial situation, can get an overview of how to get back into their own power. Therefore, this course is completely free.

Some of the participants would like to deepen their journey experience and be supported individually with my coaching offer, as their results work faster and are more sustainable with my support. Currently, I am also working on further in-depth modules, which will be available on this website in the future.

The course thus also gives you a chance to get a feel for me and my work before you use the coaching offer for yourself.

Nevertheless, it is important to me that this is not a sales course or the usual taster that leaves you still hungry without buying the offers, but that it already provides you with a very concrete value.

How does the course work exactly?

After your registration you will get direct access to the members' area. Feel free to take the course at your own pace to give yourself the time to internalise the content and implement it in your everyday life.

During the course you will get an overview of the central points and patterns that separate people from their aliveness in most cases.

Each station invites you on an imaginary journey where you can take in the more subtle, emotional aspects with your whole system.

Where it is helpful, you will receive concrete, uncomplicated background knowledge from psychology and neuroscience.

At each station you will have the opportunity to reflect on your journey and what you have learned, and to look at how you would like to use your new experiences for yourself in the future.

With printable exercise sheets you can put all your new insights into practice.

This course is based on the one hand on curated insights that have worked for me in exactly the same way, and on the other hand on insights from neuroscience, (positive) psychology and spiritual paths of knowledge such as Buddhism. In my perception, this results in a very powerful combination and let me to develop the Follow The River Method, which this course will introduce you to. You can find the corresponding references on the exercise sheets.

How time-consuming is the course?

The course contains a total of six central stations and one smaller station. Allow about 30-60 minutes per station. I recommend that you do some of the exercises beyond the scope of the course, as they can increase their positive effect, when done over a longer period of time. It is also a good idea to pay attention to your body signals and to dive deeper into the topics where your body is telling you that they might be important for you.

What is special about the course?

This course is for all people who feel a deep desire within themselves to surrender to life again and feel truly alive. For people who want more from life than to increase their productivity or status in a confused society, feeling lifeless and watching Netflix most of the time. For people who expect healing from this traumatised society and want to experience life for life's sake with its ups and downs.

In my perception, this global transition phase we are in, where old beliefs seem to be falling apart on all levels, is a great opportunity for us to come back into our power and take responsibility for ourselves, for our healing and for our presence in this world.

At the same time, this transitional phase can be very challenging, especially as many of us carry strong social conditioning and pain. In addition, I have observed time and again that in therapy and coaching there is often little time to learn the background information that will enable us to use therapy or coaching more effectively. The course is intended to close this gap and thus give people even more opportunity to take their well-being into their own hands again. Of course, it cannot and should not replace therapy.

Yes, a journey sounds good!

Sign up for the course here and start your journey back to your aliveness.

I look forward to having you on the course!

This course has become an effective resource and I would be more than happy if it supported you on your journey.