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While still in the confines of the school system, I came across a consequential lecture by Alan Watts. In this talk, he explored the question of how we would really enjoy our lives if money was not an issue.

With his words in mind, I soon realised:

There seems to be a big difference between the life that makes us feel alive and the life that many of us live, even if it doesn't make us happy.

This coincided with a feeling I had been carrying inside me for a while. So I became curious and started looking for answers, for aliveness and the life well lived. At that time, I was not really aware of all this and simply followed this feeling inside me.

In this search I was allowed to try out, experience and learn an enormous amount and so I found myself sometimes studying psychology and sometimes at hidden Sufi ceremonies, sometimes in the jungle and sometimes building edible forest gardens. There were also desperate and very sad times. Then again very funny times with fascinating and strange encounters and so slowly a consistent picture began to develop in all this.

I noticed that my vitality always seemed to disappear when I looked for it outside or wanted to reach it with my mind. It was usually the head decisions that gave me the least aliveness. The times when I let my inner compass do the work were incomparably more fulfilling. I also understood that I had been looking for aliveness on the outside, although I had only been able to find it within myself.

However, it soon became clear that it needed inner work to be able to really feel my compass clearly and so I began to release patterns and blockages within myself and to work with the energy and emotional system of our body. Soon after, I decided to try an experiment in living only my truth and the life my heart knew was possible.

To this day, it seems to be proving true. The freer I am on the inside, the more alive I feel and the more creatively and lovingly I can approach this world on the outside.

Now I have made it my mission to support people who have a similar desire for more aliveness within themselves to find their way back to themselves and to pursue their birthright to aliveness.

The global phase of upheaval in which we currently find ourselves and in which old beliefs seem to be disintegrating on all levels is a great opportunity for us in this respect. It is often such upheavals in which we wake up, come into our power and learn to take responsibility for ourselves, for our healing and for our presence in this world in a new way.

At the same time, this transitional phase can be very challenging, especially as many of us carry strong social conditioning and pain. Therefore, with Follow the River I want to support people to stand in their power again and stand up for the world that their hearts know is possible.

Follow your inner compass, do the inner work and most importantly, don't believe everything you think. These seem to be some of the most important keys to aliveness so far.

And so also Alan Watts's words from his talk have come full circle. Because if you live your truth with your whole system, then one day you will be good at it and you will find people who like what you do.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter as it grows.

See you soon!


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