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In a recent session, I had the pleasure of speaking with Benedikt over the phone. Having worked with him in the past, I knew that he was probably the right person to help me navigate my feelings of performance pressure. The session was intense, yet immensely rewarding. We delved into the depths of my subconscious, uncovering a part of myself that had been long neglected.

Benedikt greeted me warmly and we settled into the session. He began by asking me about my goals and what I hoped to achieve through our work together. I explained that I had been struggling with pressuring feelings and the must to perform, of being constantly driven, like a whip or a spur that was always pushing me forward.

During our session, I began to describe this performance aspect of myself as a texture beneath me. In my ideal world, it was like a soft, lush carpet stretching out before me, that would help me move forward smoothly in my career. But when asked what it really was like at the moment, it felt more like a whip, cutting into my skin and driving me relentlessly forward.

Benedikt asked me to visualise this texture more clearly. As I did, the images became sharper in my mind. I could see the whip more vividly now, cutting through the air. Then I could feel the spurs propelling me forward. It was a male energy that felt both aggressive and supportive. As we explored this part of myself, I came to understand that it was fighting for love, recognition, pride, and validation. I had spent quite some years focused on other aspects of my life that I had neglected this part of myself, which left it feeling unseen and undervalued.

Benedikt helped me to explore that these inner feelings and sensations tend to become louder the longer we ignore them. I came to understand that I need to take better care of myself and that I can perform purely for the enjoyment and fulfilment it brings me. I realised that it's not always about achieving external validation or proving myself to others, but rather about having joy and purpose in my own creative expression. The session helped me once again to recognise that I am okay exactly the way I am, and that my worth is not dependent on external validation or accomplishments.

As the session continued, I began to feel a shift. Instead of feeling whipped and driven, I felt supported and uplifted. Now that I was taking the time to focus on myself and my inner needs, the whip was becoming less powerful. It was as if it had reached out to me in a completely different, soothing way and given me a high-five, a conscious touch that acknowledged its presence without imposing itself upon me.

My performance pressure now transformed itself and became a source of strength and stability, providing me with a foundation that I could rely on as I navigate life's challenges. A wise imprint that left me feeling empowered and confident. As the session came to an end, I was filled with a sense of gratitude and reverence for this part of myself and for having rediscovered it. Benedikt helped me to connect with a wiser, more stable part of myself that knew that I could achieve my goals without being constantly driven. This part of me felt more grounded and aware of my inner strength and dignity. The effects of the session continues ever since we hung up the phone, with a newfound sense of clarity and purpose guiding me forward.

And once again, I had a renewed sense of appreciation for the power of these hypnosystemic transformations. If you're struggling with persistent feelings of performance pressure, I can recommend to work with Benedikt. It has proven to be effective and transformative for me, and it may be able to help you too. The hypnosystemic approach was originally developed and validated by the German therapist and physician Dr. Gunther Schmidt and has been handed down to him through Dr. Vera Popper and Mag. Christine Hoffmann.

If you would like to speak to me about my experience, Benedikt is happy to provide you with my, Ayatos, contact details.

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About the Author Ayato

Meet Ayato, a professional in the media field with a high-demanding job. With the fast-paced nature of his work, Ayato found himself feeling stressed and struggling to find calmness. In search of a solution, he turned to Follow The River and its focus on hypnosystemic and embodiment approaches.

As a result, Ayato feels more grounded and centered in his daily life, and is better equipped to handle stress and pressure in the workplace. He has even become an advocate for Follow the River and the hypnosystemic approach. If you're interested in learning more or connecting with Ayato for a reference, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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