When I first approached Benedikt, I was struggling with a deep sense of anxiety and stress that seemed to be following me everywhere. It was especially bad in the evenings before bed and it felt like a biting and hurting feeling in my chest. I also had a fear of change that made it difficult for me to move forward.

That's when I turned to Benedikt for help. Together, we embarked on a hypnosystemic journey to explore and understand the root of my anxiety. Through a series of guided relaxation and visualisation exercises, Benedikt helped me to externalise and make sense of the feeling that was causing me so much distress.

It was a cold and shiny metallic polygon. Spinning, masculine, and aggressive. It came and went every evening or when I thought of my father. At first, it was difficult for me to engage with this feeling, as it felt like a poison coursing through my veins. With Benedikt's help, I was able to externalise the feeling and take it out of my body, placing it in a forest far away from where I live. A soothing distance.

As we further explored the feeling, I began to see that it was trying to communicate something important to me. It was a warning, urging me to listen to my limits and to take care of myself. It showed me that I need protection and stability in my life and that it only became so unbearable because it didn't listen to it before. The feeling wanted to be seen and valued.

After our session, I felt much better and more empowered. I started to see the feeling as a source of knowledge and reflection, like a reflective diamond that I could use for my own reflections. I discovered that by taking the time to listen to it, I could nourish my inner dialogue and find the stability and protection I needed.

Benedikt's hypnosystemic intervention was truly life-changing for me. It transformed my fear into a valuable source of self-knowledge and reflection. I'm calmer, more productive and more able to enjoy my day-to-day life. If you're struggling with persistent feelings or emotions, I highly recommend the sessions with Benedikt. It has proven to be effective and transformative for me, and it may be able to help you too.

This approach was originally developed and tested by Dr Gunther Schmidt and has been handed down to him through Dr Vera Popper and Mag Christine Hoffmann. Contact Benedikt today to schedule a session and discover the effectiveness of the hypnosystemic interventions. And if you would like to speak to me about my experience, Benedikt is happy to provide you with my contact details.

* I've changed my name for privacy.

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About the Author Ayato

Introducing Ayato, a seasoned professional within the dynamic realm of media. The high-pressure environment of his field had led to elevated levels of stress and a longing for tranquility, prompting him to seek assistance from Follow The River and its innovative focus on hypnosystemic and embodiment approaches.

Under the guidance of Follow The River, Ayato reported a profound shift towards groundedness and centredness in his daily life. This newfound equilibrium enabled him to deftly manage the demands of his workplace. In fact, according to Ayato's own reflections, his transformation has been so impactful that he has become a vocal advocate for Follow The River and the hypnosystemic approach.

If you wish to learn more about Ayato's transformative journey or to connect with him for a first-hand account, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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